RV-Min Kyan Sit

RV-Min Kyan Sit One, which contains 16 single beds attached with 2 common bathrooms & toilets are very convenient for overnight cruise & it has the carriage capacity of 60 pax for day return trip.

RV-Min Kyan Sit Two is a double deck designed only for a day return trip and passenger carriage capacity of 80, including dinning hall and common toilet.

RV-Min Kyan Sit Three carries maximum of 30 passengers for short excursion trip with one common bathroom & one toilet.

RV-Min Kyan Sit Four has a seat capacity of 10 or for honeymooners; you can enjoy it for romantic sunset cruise in Mandalay and Mingun day return trip.

RV-Min Kyan Sit Five designed as a double deck 14 cabins and 1 honeymooner, 2 common toilets & 1 toilet attached with hot and cold shower in common bathrooms with spacious dinning hall. Night stop charter trip can be arranged with lunch, dinner and tea-break upon request.


RV-Min Kyan Sit One 

RV-Min Kyan Sit Two

RV-Min Kyan Sit Three 


RV-Min Kyan Sit Four

RV-Min Kyan Sit Five 

RV-Min Kyan Sit Six